Intention One Earth

Opera house with shipMISSION STATEMENT

Intention One Earth Foundation, based in Sydney, Australia is a non-government private organisation established in 2009 to integrate entrepreneurs, inventors and technologies with grass roots communities including Original indigenous peoples of the world. We aim for social sustainability through consultation with all parties to rebuild social capital, which we believe is one of the casualties of the profits-based, Keynesian, corporate economic framework which still widely prevails.


DNSW JervisBay-472Our vision is to see the restoration of harmony, balance, peace and prosperity to our world.
We strive on a daily basis to understand the esoteric and exoteric processes from which information streams flow to assist humanity through a period of transition into a state of higher consciousness.

We apply such understandings in daily life, and work collaboratively with interested parties to:

  1. Benefit all humanity through development of new, sustainable technologies in health, energy, agriculture, administration and ecology.
  2. Generate an ethical charter to foster collaboration in all spheres of activity with the understanding that we are becoming part of a Galactic community.
  3. Assist in exploring and reporting practical methods to access a higher state of consciousness for all who care to do so.

All photos on this site are by Dan Gosse