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Marcus Greathead BVSc – Overview

Marcus Greathead

Marcus Greathead


Founding member of the Board of Trustees of Intention One Earth Foundation.

  1. Practised as an Equine Veterinarian in UK and South Africa
  2. Founded Horsepower Equine Nutrition Systems 1983
  3. Co-Founded with Fiona Reynolds, Intention One Earth Foundation

Sydney University School of Veterinary Science

Practising Equine Veterinarian
  • Learned and developed with various acknowledged world leaders in their fields expertise in Nutrition, Biological Agriculture and Natural Health.
  • Founded Horsepower Equine Nutrition Systems in 1983
  • Established Racecourse Road Veterinary Practice in Brisbane Australia.
  • Pioneered arthroscopic surgical techniques in equine veterinary application.
  • 1980’s Founded Equine Nutrition Systems Horsepower For the last ten years, Horsepower P/L has been run on a cooperative basis involving all workers sharing profits as well as responsibilities associated with the running of the business.

I also studied the philosophies of various great achievers starting with my parents who were high-achieving food and liquor entrepreneurs, Buckminster Fuller, J Edwards Demming, Marshall Thurber and others. These influences along with other life experiences and most importantly my meeting with Fiona Reynolds in 2007 led to the founding of Intention One Earth Foundation.
In recent years I have researched the link between the growing incidence of chronic disease and de-mineralised food. I have developed simple and low-cost protocols to remediate these challenges to human, animal and soil health.

Present focus

To assist through IOEF, the facilitation and implementation of various means by which the differences, inequalities and environmental crises that threaten our survival can now be resolved.
Horsepower P/L is a metaphor for the model of inclusivity and love, by which ideological differences can now transition to be a cause for celebration rather than confrontation. This model of inclusivity and the benefits, technological, ideological, practical can be made available to the wider world starting in Australia.
As this happens, the practical demonstration of the replacement of the old scarcity economic paradigm by a new model based on Abundance is achieved.
Through IOEF’s networks, the expansion of these concepts is already making a positive difference, though there is much still to do.

Fiona Anne Reynolds

Fiona Reynolds

Fiona Reynolds


Founding Member and Trustee of Intention One Earth Foundation
Humanitarian, activist, researcher

Past Experience

  • 1968-72 – In London, I worked for Condé Nast Publications, in legal offices at the Inns of Court and in the private offices of two former Ministers of the Crown.
  • Travelled overland to Australia – March to October 1973
Employment: 1973 – 2002: In addition to producing three children between 1982 and 1989, I have been employed in diverse fields including Federal politics in a Prime Ministerial private office, hands-on project management in property development, building and landscaping, film and television production, events co-ordination and Artists’ Management.
2003 – 2007: Owner/operator for four years of a hospitality business in a remote desert town in northern South Australia.
2007: Returned to Sydney and with Dr. Mark Greathead, co-founded Intention One
Earth Foundation as a foundation in the private.

Since 2007, together we have:
  1. Developed international strategies and sustainable project templates.
  2. Carried out on ground research in the Philippines, USA, Europe, meeting inventors, indigenous Elders and like-minded individuals across the globe to develop the means to change the paradigm to benefit the greatest number of people and the planet.
  3. Initiated and funded meetings with Australian Original Elders to understand their vision of a sustainable future for all.
  4. Initiated, organised and funded a five day gathering in Sydney of engineers and indigenous elders from Chile, Easter Island, Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia to develop a plan of collaboration based on implementation of green energy technologies and environmental remediation. February 2014
Volunteering: participation in, fund-raising and event management for:
  1. The Sail training Association (UK)
  2. The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
  3. Main-Street Program – Paddington Festival (Sydney)
  4. Birth Defects Research Group at Sydney University
  5. Open Family (Sydney)


Networking with international groups, communities, tribes and native peoples of different cultures. Refurbishing old houses and creating gardens.

Present Focus

In sharing Mark Greathead’s vision for a better future for all, giving attention always to aligning the best of the ancient wisdom with the new to return all to balance, harmony, peace and prosperity.
Upon commitment, the principles disclose.
R. Buckminster Fuller
Buckminster Fuller originated the concept of Universal Principles, being concepts “that are true in 100% of cases”. We are particularly fond of the principle quoted above and find it to be reliably consistent.